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We are Jordi Serramia and Hugo Riquelme, the founders of SingularGreen, an unconventional landscaping company where we prioritize doing things right above all else.

While this may seem obvious (who wouldn’t want to do things right?), it is what drives us to continually experiment, evolve, and now, share and spread our learnings

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Before we tell you our story, we would like you to watch this video in which we explain:

What we do,

How we can help you,

What sets us apart from other companies specializing in vertical gardening, green roofs, and natural swimming pools.

The technical team at the office

Maria -Comunicatión 

Patri – Architect – Europe projets

Maricarmen – Comercial

Elena – Architect -Training

Nathalie – Architect- NbS

Andrea – Architect – Internacionalitatión

Vicky – Administration

Iván – Architect – Design

Paula – ArchitectNbS

Ana – Architect – Biopools

Natalia – Architect – Engineering

Our team of highly skilled and experienced installers.

SingularGreen relies on professional and expert installers specialized in NbS (Nature-Based Solutions).

Our team is composed of highly trained technicians and specialists in the design, construction and maintenance of vertical gardens, green roofs and natural swimming pools, among other landscaping projects.

Furthermore, we guarantee the highest quality and efficiency in each of our projects, always offering innovative and personalized solutions for our clients.


In 2011, Alicante Forestal AND Urbanarbolismo, joined forces to create SingularGreen.


Both had experience in various fields such as architectural projects, forestry projects, unique landscaping projects, gardening projects, designs, garden execution and maintenance, and aquaponics.

But what truly brought them together was to meet the growing market demand for green spaces in small or difficult-to-garden areas.

These problems are solved through the use of vertical gardens and green roofs.

Currently, we are in the process of expansion and internationalization, with projects and works in Europe, Africa, and America.


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