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SingularBlue system


Sistema SingularBlue


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Characteristics of the system

Through a biological filter and aquatic plants, it maintains water quality and transparency throughout the year.

In addition, this unique system allows maximum flexibility as it reduces the surface area required for the installation of the biological filter and the regeneration area, saving on materials and installation time.

It is compatible with all the most common design options in natural pools.

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Natural swimming pools ARE THE FUTURE. They are the most sustainable way to benefit from the properties of water, avoiding the use of chemical substances, saving maintenance time, water and electricity.

The use of chemical products, mainly chlorine, as a disinfectant causes a series of problems, both for us and for the environment.

On a health level we all recognise the most common complaints; irritated eyes, chlorine sticking to the skin and hair. However, people with sensitive skin can suffer from dermatitis and, in some cases, chloramine can damage the lung epithelium and cause asthmatic problems (especially in children).

But there are more reasons to value the conversion.

With regard to the environment, water, as the finite resource that it is, is an element that we must take care of and not waste. A conventional swimming pool, as well as needing chemicals, needs to renew its water from time to time, in addition to the use of mechanical purifiers which increase the cost of electricity?

A natural swimming pool boosts purification through the biological filter, which is responsible for promoting the nitrogen cycle. This is something that occurs naturally in nature.

This means that you will no longer have to use chemicals to purify the water. The plants will do this job for you.

The result?

Similar to river water.

You will be able to open your eyes in the water, and taste it without any taste.


Do you have a swimming pool and you are thinking of transforming it into a natural one? Do you want to build a new one?

 Contact us, we will be delighted to help you and advise you in the best possible way. We are specialists in this. We make tailor-made solutions according to your needs and those of the ecosystem to achieve the best integration. Both the design of the pool and its natural purification system will be specifically designed for the environment and climate of each area.

Don’t be left in doubt.

SingularBlue is a compact system that allows the conversion of a conventional pool already built into a natural pool, without extensive construction work, without generating debris and with easy assembly.

It can also be installed in a new natural pool with different designs and styles.

Singularblue combines a biological gravel filter of little thickness (10cm) with a phosphate reactor and specially selected submerged plants.

If you want to convert your existing pool without building work, this is the system for you.

  • The feeling of bathing in nature. The sensation of diving into a natural pool can only be compared to bathing in a river.
  • Cleaning takes place naturally, although depending on the project we incorporate filters and other systems for cleaning the bottom.
  • Little or no maintenance.
  • No chemical products that produce allergies and alter the skin and eyes.
  • They can allow the incorporation of fish and amphibians. Our system makes possible the incorporation of some species of freshwater shrimp or fish that collaborate in the cleaning process.
  • Landscape integration with the garden.
  • No need to change the water.


Low maintenance is one of the advantages of installing a natural pool.

The only thing you have to do is an annual pruning of the plants in the pool and an aesthetic maintenance (cleaning the bottom and the surface to remove leaves, etc.) which depends on your own requirements.

If we do not do this maintenance, when the leaves of the plants die, they will fall into the water and generate more nitrogen, which will feed more plants and enter a spiral of biomass generation until algae appear and finally the harmful bacteria that we want to avoid.


It is not necessary.

Within our options, SingularBlue allows the installation of the biological filter and vegetation on the existing pool floor.

The pre-existing installation and pump are not connected to the SingularBlue system, although they can be used independently to clean the bottom and to clean the surface of leaves and insects for 15 minutes a day.


The insects and the small fauna that is created in a natural swimming pool is in charge of helping the plants and gravels to purify and clean this bio system.

By this we do not mean that it will be full of mosquitoes or that there will be none. As an ecosystem there will be a balance between mosquitoes and their predators.

If you want to know more about what kind of fauna natural pools attract, have a look at the following information


Once you have decided, the first thing we will ask you to do is to send us a bottle of water taken from the same place from where you will fill the pool.

A biological filter is in charge of transforming ammonia NH3 into nitrate, NO3, through the supply of oxygen.

This ammonia oxidation process is carried out by a series of beneficial bacteria that live in the biological filter: “Nitrosomonas” and “Nitrobacter”.

The nitrate is already assimilated by the plants, which absorb it and remove it from the system so that it is not available for algae proliferation.

El nitrato ya es asimilable por las plantas que lo absorben y lo eliminan del sistema de forma que no este disponible para la proliferación de algas.

Yes, if you are a professional and you want to install our system, please contact us and we will inform you about the steps to become an official supplier of our SingularBlue System.

It is possible, but the well water must first be tested.

If its quality is adequate, it is possible to use it, if not, other water sources should be sought or pre-treatment should be carried out to remove excess phosphates.

Yes, it is included.

For this, we need to analyse the water coming from the same source from which the pool is going to be filled, and we carry out the analysis free of charge.

All you have to do is send us the water in a bottle.

With the data from the analysis and knowing the dimensions of the pool, we can size the biological filter.

If you want to know how to do the water analysis yourself, you can have a look at our explanatory article by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about natural pools, how they work and why their filtering system (not only our system), we have an online course on natural pools.

If you have any questions you can also write to us at

When selecting the species for your naturalised pool, several factors must be taken into account:

The climate of the area,

The flowering times,

The evolution of the foliage during the year,

The type of fauna we are going to introduce…

Remember that, whatever plant species we introduce, we must bear in mind that their function is to grow and remove organic matter from the pool.

For this reason, fast-growing and invasive species work best because they grow thanks to the absorption of nitrogen.

If you want to install a natural swimming pool with the SingularBlue system or you want to know more about the biological filter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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