Leaf Skin® vertical gardens

At SingularGreen we have gone a step further by developing a system that improves the performance of traditional vertical gardening systems. A skin that is lighter, faster to install and cheaper: the LeafSkin® system.

LeafSkin® is a hydroponic system created and patented by SingularGreen that eliminates the on-site planting phase, speeding up installation and lowering costs.

Sistema LeafSkin

The main advantage is its lightness, not exceeding 30 kg/m², making it the ideal system for large-scale vertical gardens.

The system is composed of a waterproof layer, a sealant, a distribution membrane, and the substrate already projected with a selected seed mix.


Download documentation for compliance with the technical code here:

Characteristics of the system:

  • SYSTEM TYPE: Hydroponic, with projected substrate.
  • LOCATION: Indoor and outdoor.
  • MANUFACTURING: Waterproof support panels SG-P35 with mechanically fixed substrate panels SG-L40.
  • INSTALLATION: Panels with standard measurements adaptable to different shapes and sizes.
  • REQUIREMENTS: Water supply point, power supply point, and water outlet connection for return or drainage.
  • IRRIGATION TYPE: SG-A24 hydroponic system adapted to the scale of the vertical garden, with the option of recirculating lost water.


Characteristics of LeafSkin® vertical gardens

Lightness of the system: The lightness of the system is one of the advantages of the system, not exceeding 30 kg/m².

Prefabrication: The system allows it to be sent to any location pre-assembled and seeded. So that the end user only has to anchor it to the support, connect the irrigation pipes and watch it grow.

Flexibility: Although these are panels with standard measurements, they can be cut and adjusted in size to adapt to the necessary shapes.

Exterior and interior: The system is valid for both exterior and interior (always taking into account the lighting requirements)

Different hydroponic substrates: the system works with different inert substrates, with which we obtain different thicknesses depending on the requirements.

To install it, only a water supply connection and a drain connection are required.

As in other SingularGreen systems, LeafsSkin® admits both the recirculation of water and its discharge to the drainage network.


Some works done with LeafSkin®

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With water recirculation: Irrigation system SG-A24R

The irrigation system SG-A24R allows for maximum water savings since consumption is practically reduced to evapotranspiration and water consumed by the plants. Consumption in a Mediterranean climate in winter is approximately 1 L/m²/day, and in the same type of climate in summer, it’s approximately 5 L/m²/day.

With continuous water evacuation: Irrigation system SG-A24P

The SG-A24P irrigation system minimizes the space required for the irrigation system, making it recommended for projects where installation space is very limited.


Are you an architect, interior designer, or designer in need of assistance with your design?

SingularGreen provides technical advisory during project design, installation development, and afterward. Our goal is a perfect installation and commissioning of the garden. If you need information, contact us through the form or call us at 966 282 640 – 673 768 624.


Frequently asked questions

Is this system the most suitable for me or my project?

When considering the vertical garden, the first thing we will do is take into account the following properties to evaluate the suitability of the system:

  1. PHYSICAL RESISTANCE OF THE SUBSTRATE. Ability of the substrate to preserve its structure over time.
  2. CHEMICAL DURABILITY. Useful life of the substrate subjected to the necessary fertigation conditions.
  3. WATER RETENTION. It’s the ability of a vertical garden to survive without the need for irrigation.
  4. NUTRIENT RETENTION. It’s the ability of a vertical garden to survive without the supply of nutrients.
  5. FACILITY OF PLANT SUBSTITUTION. Easily replacing plants that have failed is of vital importance.
  6. EASY TO SUBSTITUTE IRRIGATION. It must be perfectly accessible and replaceable in case of failure.
  9. RESISTANCE TO COLD. In cold climates some systems present the problem of freezing of the roots.
  10. WEIGHT. It’s a very important variable to consider, especially when acting on existing façades.
  11. MODULARITY. Vertical gardens can be modular or built “in situ”.
  12. PLANTING METHOD. Preplanted or planted «in situ».

If you are interested in installing a vertical garden and you do not know what solution to adopt, you can contact our technical service and we will answer any questions you may have.

Not only will we advise you on the best solution, but we can design tailor-made solutions for your case.

Does it consume a lot of water?

Our fertigation system can recirculate the water that irrigates the vertical garden, so consumption can be minimal. It is important to keep in mind that the water used contributes to the environmental quality of the area by cooling the environment through evapotranspiration.

What control and maintenance does this vertical garden system require?

Maintenance for our vertical gardens is minimal. It involves small plant replacements, minor repairs to the irrigation network, and general monitoring of the garden’s condition.

We always recommend incorporating remote control into the irrigation system, which provides alerts for flow rate, fertilizer dosing, and electric or valve failures.

Do you offer maintenance for the gardens?

We offer the possibility of contracting a maintenance service in which the following tasks will be carried out:

  • Visual inspection of the state of the vegetation.
  • Visual inspection of the irrigation system
  • Maintenance and commissioning of the irrigation system, filter cleaning and pH and conductivity control.
  • Visual pest control.
  • Plant pruning
  • Pruning and growth control, twice a year.
  • Supply of hydroponic consumables (fertilization, acid, spare parts, etc.).
  • Phytosanitary treatments, twice a year (once in spring and once in summer)
  • Remote control of the irrigation system with a quick response in case of failure of a maximum of 3 calendar days.

In case of not contracting the maintenance service but placing the remote control system, we will carry out the control of garden alerts.

Do insects appear in the vertical garden?

In principle, insects should not appear to preserve the plants’ health. We use natural products in the irrigation system to prevent their appearance.

How can I create vertical gardens with this system?

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, we invite you to take a look at the following article: How to Create Vertical Gardens.


Why choose SingularGreen?

SingularGreen is a company that specializes in designing and installing vertical gardens, green roofs, and other innovative gardening systems. Here are some reasons why you might choose SingularGreen:


SingularGreen conducts a thorough study of the conditions of each project, proposing the best option for each context.


In each project, the possibilities are studied, choosing systems with the greatest lightness, adapted to the structural premises of the support.


Installation of the latest technology in remote control systems, which warns of any failure quickly and efficiently


SingularGreen gardens offer a 10-year system guarantee, as well as a plant guarantee during the contracting of periodic maintenance


Your garden tailored to your needs and tastes, so that the result expresses what you want.

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