Alimentaria Fair, Barcelona,

We had the pleasure of developing a vertical vegetable garden for Makro at the Alimentaria fair in Barcelona. This project was designed as part of ALMA MAKRO, a Social Responsibility initiative focused on supporting small Spanish producers. The idea was to represent the work of these farmers and their commitment to traditional food production at the Makro stand.
The vegetable garden was planted with a selection of crops in full production, such as tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries, thus offering a lively and authentic image of a traditional vegetable garden. The design included an alternating arrangement of plants to maximize visual coverage and simulate the ridges typical of real orchards.
This innovative presentation not only stood out for its beauty and originality, but also emphasized Makro’s commitment to quality, sustainability and support for the local economy. The vertical vegetable garden was one of the main attractions of the fair, demonstrating the positive impact of integrating sustainable practices in the food sector.

For this vertical vegetable garden we have used 2 F+P frames of 1.6 m wide and 2 m high, so that by placing them next to each other and joining them, we have achieved a vertical vegetable garden of 6.4m2 and more than 250 plants.

Huerta vertical en Barcelona

The F+P vegetable frames, this time lacquered in white, are independent and very light, so that they adapt to any situation and type of plantation, as in this case a vertical vegetable garden. The frames have been made to measure, to cover the space required by the customer, and to be able to embed them in the wall of the stand.

The client, Makro, has the idea of putting the vertical garden in its stand at Alimentaria to represent the ALMA MAKRO initiative, a Social Responsibility project that develops to support the work of small producers in the country, allowing them to continue or resume the production of selected foods in the most traditional way.

This initiative is part of the company’s commitment to support the local economy in the autonomous communities in which Makro is present, as well as to offer its customers a differentiating assortment in accordance with quality and sustainability parameters.

Jardín vertical de huerta vertical

The design aims to offer visitors the vision of an orchard, with horticultural plants already in production, so the planting of the orchard was done with tomatoes (Lycopersicum esculentum), lettuce (Lactuca sativa) and strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa), all of them either with fruit in sight or ready to be consumed.

The planting was carried out with the horticultural concept in mind, so it was done through lines of plants, simulating ridges, that is, the real planting in an orchard, with the visual license to place the lines of plants alternately, in a three-row pattern, to cover the maximum possible surface.

The result of this vertical vegetable garden was incredible, being one of the great attractions of the stand and the fair. Here are some photos for you to check it out.

Jardín vertical para Huerta Vertical

Tomates, lechugas y fresas en un jardín vertical para Huerta vertical

Huerta vertical en Barcelona


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