Montcada Biopool, Valencia

This natural swimming pool in Moncada has a total surface of 130m2 which includes the swimming pool and the area destined to plants, the regeneration area.

A natural pool uses a filtering system with vegetation instead of chlorine. In this case we have designed the system for the climatic conditions and sunshine of the area of Valencia, the filtration process consists of a kaldness filter and an area of stratified gravel with marsh vegetation, where many of them are edible, occupying approximately 50% of the surface of the pool.


Plants installed in the pool

We have placed special emphasis on the variety of the selection of plant species, many of them edible:
– Watercress (Nasturtium officinale).
– Celery (Apium nodiflorum)
– Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium)
– Water mint (Mentha aquatica)
– Taro (Colocasia esculenta)
– Yellow water lily (Nuphar lutea)
– Bulrush (Typha sp.)
The objective of this variety of vegetation is not only to achieve the biological balance of the pool but also to make it possible to enjoy an orchard pool, as an added value for the client.
The grass surface is also part of the regeneration zone of the pool, i.e. the grass has its roots in the water surface so it does not need to be watered, the removal of organic matter that is done when mowing the grass avoids the eutrophication of the natural pool in the long term. In addition, it provides a surface on which to relax by the water.
The surface of the swimming pool is made with a special material that prevents algae from adhering, so that the water is completely transparent without using chlorine and we also obtain a pool finish that is easy to clean.
In this natural pool we have introduced for the first time a species of native shrimp that keeps at bay the few mosquito larvae that we may have and keeps clean the gravel surface of the pool. An important extra, without maintenance costs, which makes this ecosystem more interesting.

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