Cap Negret Hotel,

In the Cap Negret Hotel we carried out two different vertical garden projects, the first one in 2016 and the second one in 2018.

In 2016, we made a vertical garden in the Hotel Cap Negret, located in Altea, Alicante. This is located in an English courtyard, on the access walkway that serves as the restaurant’s terrace. The installation merges a pond with fish, a waterfall and the vertical garden in an aquaponic system that eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and chlorine for maintenance, purifying the water naturally.

The second project, in 2018 is located on the facade of the hotel, visible at street level, covering an area of 80m2. We used a hydroponic system, with a metal support structure and plastic panels coated with special felts. These create pockets for the plants, which are watered by a nutrient solution flowing through an overhead pipe, ensuring optimal growth without soil. Both gardens not only beautify the space but also promote biodiversity and sustainability in the urban environment.

Another vertical garden in Altea at the Cap Negret hotel.

In 2016 we already installed another garden in this same hotel and being very satisfied with our work, they decided to count on us again to make a new vertical garden much larger than the previous one.

The first project carried out in the hotel is located in an English courtyard on an entrance walkway, which is used as a terrace of the restaurant. The type of garden was an aquaponic vertical garden that together with a fish pond and a waterfall formed an extraordinary set.

First garden realized using an aquaponic F+P system

The second vertical garden in Altea we made it on the facade of the hotel, at street level, and the following dimensions 80m2. Unlike the first project we installed, the system we used this time was a mixed hydroponic F+P system. This system consists of installing a metal supporting structure where a plastic paneling, such as PVC, is installed. A combination of woven and non-woven felts are stapled to these panels, in which some cuts are made to form pockets so that the plants can be introduced into them later. In addition, a pipe is added at the top of the garden through which the hydroponic irrigation solution passes, which is deposited throughout the vertical garden.

At the time of planting, the plant should be washed, removing the substrate that comes in the pot. Once it is clean, cover the roots of the plant with sphagnum and insert it in the pockets previously made.

Species selection

In the following images you can see the current state of the vertical garden:

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es QSP_nj5rmGMjuMhqfp-fYcV2RTO-Nfu8Ag5REH-42z7uhqh3cOsBNAn0PD7tX79u1ZjH9eYxh9LYmt9wgoOQTMYXMG08G-8zL-6zU31_t20EKcQBOvjo7DGu8dXDj-3hzvgf9mF1Aqi2qdSCUOGHr1YsRACzzQarrq1e5Zf_nyTnkaz1i-iw9T5JPtnxhu9bnqFBFqm9TFVoOhQrNvPSLtyzJ_od1BSTiivb8WlnFuSF0DCItw_sgBTbe2lY11mcDEHzo4dJ36D30-RqL6bRStazKzxEUQWcvKSnr7FoPsf3dyfl3sRkWxwj6JWQItQMYcNglfeSm9xZqfmGG7DCk9C0h-WVEYKWi5KbvPSiuGJJWyXjPsUMcU08wO0NuI9N8Z7v1sGjj_uGebtu3fP8doDN0sCTHL6EF1KHXHlf07tqJiP6WzLEU_V_CVwQK4dvt5YhjdntpDDKL7nMye4aglN8ZJy517D_9ZqoWkyUGvD7C6lfJW2amrOCt6-34CqXNjPulWr6BxbpXbF3EMRpUTBdLD8QmGtO0qVPI2vAyp69U1w-vo73BmWxPk84AiH9e0FicJc2zkFwxMMUuQzjcjjHxgCn7UqCFg6zA-SMrJY2elEdgIuyIFw5FgJ_sA_ekFjHE860CveT_nTFlfQGAwUSshbqNmhhNrlugxikrlIyMA9Xl4bhgoaMLg=w1228-h387-no

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