Company l'abaqua,

This extensive green roof project is located in the Labaqua building, located in the Pla de la Vallonga industrial estate in Alicante, covering an area of approximately 140 m². The installation, carried out in early December 2017, features a specialized structure that favors sustainability and eco-efficiency.

The cover is designed with multiple layers to ensure durability and functionality. At the base, there is a protective anti-puncture layer composed of 300 g/m² polyester felt, which protects the lower layers from possible physical damage. On top of this is a 1.2 mm thick nodular HDPE drainage sheet with a water retention capacity of 6 l/m² and a height of 20 mm, which facilitates the management of rainwater. On top, a 100 g/m² geotextile filter layer is added, which is essential to prevent the sedimentation of fine particles in the drainage system. The top layer consists of a 10 cm thick substrate, specifically formulated for the cultivation of Sedum sp., arranged in sods that promote uniform and rapid growth of the vegetation.
To complement the structure, the perimeter of the roof is delimited by white gravel, which not only serves an aesthetic function, but also protects the irrigation system distribution piping. This system is characterized by a comb-type distribution scheme, where drip pipes, buried under the sods, efficiently deliver water directly to the plant roots. The entire irrigation system is controlled by a programmer that adjusts the frequency and duration of irrigation according to the specific needs of the canopy.
Maintenance is currently the responsibility of the company contracted by the property, which unfortunately we don’t hear much about.
It is crucial to remember that a green roof, being a system that integrates living elements, requires constant care for its preservation. In this specific case, a considerable proliferation of weeds has been observed, attributed to the proximity of the land to rural areas. Management of these invasions will be essential to maintain the long-term health and aesthetics of the canopy.

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