Gardens l'arbarda,

The garden of l’Albarda, is a transformed space, a neoclassical style villa of 50.000m2 composed of buildings, pergolas and paths surrounded by Mediterranean nature. You can find all kinds of native species in this garden of biodiversity that is located in Pedreguer.

Also located in a bright room inside a greenhouse is a vertical garden next to a waterfall created by us. This project is composed of an aquaponic system that takes advantage of the pond water, creating a sustainable cycle where aquatic and plant life coexist in perfect synergy. The fish in the pond play a major role, as their nutrients enrich the water, which in turn nourishes the vertical tapestry of plants.

This vertical garden is a spectacle to behold as it is also surrounded by an infinite collection of succulent plants, each plant carefully selected to create an environment of incomparable beauty, standing out for its diversity and the way in which each species contributes to the balance of the ecosystem created. This space not only demonstrates a commitment to the conservation of Mediterranean flora and fauna, but also stands as a testament to innovation in sustainable gardening.

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