Sedum Moraleja Roof, Madrid

What makes Rizoma so special?

Its lightness: The Rizoma system is much lighter than traditional green roofs, making it the ideal choice for structures with weight limitations.
Its versatility: It adapts to any surface, even sloping ones, thanks to the adherence of the substrate to the lower layers of the system.
Its efficiency: Rockwool panels retain moisture, drain excess water and serve as a base for vegetation, requiring minimal maintenance.
Its sustainability: The Rhizome system contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint and improving air quality.
Its beauty: Create a natural green space that beautifies your home or business.

What options do you have with Rhizome?

You can choose between Sedum or sod, depending on your preferences and needs. In addition, the underground drip irrigation system ensures the correct hydration of the plants without wasting water.



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