Hotel Sheraton,

We realized a vertical garden at the Sheraton Hotel in Denver, Colorado, (USA) designed specifically to adapt to the semi-desert climate of the region. This fully hydroponic system is able to withstand extreme temperature variations, from intense cold to severe heat waves. The garden’s design not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also a functional one, as it integrates the Sheraton Hotel logo through an elegant stainless steel profile filled with vegetation. This feature ensures that the logo remains visible and recognizable with minimal maintenance, which is ideal for the preservation of the hotel’s brand image.

The project was presented at the First Mile High Denver Gardening Conference, where we had the opportunity to showcase our advanced vertical gardening techniques. The conference turned out to be a resounding success, standing out for the quality of the speakers and the excellent reception from the audience.

SingularGreen has made the first vertical garden in Denver, Colorado (United States), vertical garden type F+P in the Sheraton Downtown Hotel in Denver.

The vertical garden in Denver has been made in the framework of the First Mile High Denver Gardening Conference, in which we have been speakers, talking about our vertical garden systems. These talks were held during the 1st and 2nd of June of this year, 2013, with great quality in terms of speakers and very good results from the audience.

The vertical garden in Denver has been thought with the purpose of including the well-known logo of the Sheraton Hotel to the design, in such a way that it has been incorporated to it by means of a stainless steel profile filled with vegetation, creating a perfect effect, since, with a minimum maintenance of the vertical garden, the logo is kept without problems well visible and recognizable in the tapestry.

Plants in the Denver vertical garden

The initial list we prepared for the garden is this:

  • Ajuga reptans atropurpurea
  • Ajuga reptans bicolour
  • Carex comans
  • Geranium macrorrhizum
  • Hedera helix “Goldchild”
  • Hedera helix “Goldheart”
  • Hedera helix “Sagitifolia”
  • Heuchera micrantha
  • Huchera sanguinea
  • Liriope muscari
  • Ophiogon japonicius
  • Phormium raimbow
  • Vinca minor

In the end, after searching and suffering through Denver nurseries, the final listing is as follows:

  • Ajuga reptans “Chocolate Chip”
  • Ajuga reptans “Bronce Beauty”
  • Galium odoratum
  • Gaura “Belleza Dark Pink”
  • Hedera helix “Goldchild”
  • Heuchera “Snow Angel”
  • Heuchera micrantha “Crimson Curl”
  • Lamium “White Nancy”
  • Liriope muscari
  • Lysimachia “Creepiong Jenny Yellow”
  • Salvia “Greg Fumans Red”
  • Veronica “Vernique Blue”
  • Vinca minor

The design that was proposed for the garden of almost 30m2 of surface, is the following. The Sheraton Hotel logo can be seen without any doubt.

The lower part, the lateral joints and the trims of the vertical garden have been finished with stainless steel, to continue the tone and close the whole design.

The F+P system, being a hydroponic vertical garden, includes a remote control and irrigation management system, to be able to know, manage and modify the important variables of the garden at all times remotely. In this case, thanks to the system installed, we can check and modify the variables related to conductivity and pH of the vertical garden, controlling its development from anywhere in the world in real time.

The vertical garden was very well accepted by the people who saw it, in fact it created a lot of expectation, since it is the first vertical garden to be installed in Denver, so much so that they even did a report for Fox and we were on the news!


Diseño Jardin de denver

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