Hotel Ushüaia, Ibiza

Located in the Ushüaia hotel in Ibiza, the garden covers with vegetation several walls that act as an acoustic barrier between the open-air discotheque in the hotel’s central courtyard and the nearby flats.

The planting medium consists of a factory of ceramic bottle racks, each of the holes acting as an element of acoustic absorption, the configuration of the garden, the substrate and the vegetation collaborate to create this anechoic effect.

The ceramic elements are placed with a slight inclination towards the interior, which allows the irrigation water to enter. This is the first garden of its kind in the world.

The conception of this vertical garden is far from the complex automated systems of vertical gardening, although it is true that it requires a more personalised maintenance. The project of this garden wall was carried out by Alicante Forestal, in collaboration with Alijardín and Urbanarbolismo.

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