Housing Callosa del Segura,

The installation of a natural pool in a house in Callosa del Segura is a project that combines aesthetics, sustainability and well-being.

This work begins with the design, which integrates the pool into the natural environment of the garden, respecting the native vegetation and creating a harmonious space. Ecological materials are used, such as natural stones and native aquatic plants, which help to keep the water clean in a natural way, without chemicals.

The biological filtration system consists of a regeneration area with specific plants that purify the water. In addition, low-energy pumps are installed to ensure constant water circulation. The result is a healthy bathing space, where the ecological balance is maintained in a natural way, providing a place of relaxation and contact with nature. This type of pool not only improves the quality of life of the inhabitants, but also enhances the value of the property, providing a unique and sustainable touch.


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