Inndex Textile Company,
Buenos Aires

Inntex, a textile design company located in La Paternal, Buenos Aires, inaugurated its new establishment, highlighting a remarkable renovation of its central courtyard. This space, previously lackluster and underutilized, was transformed into a hub of creativity and connection.

The design of the courtyard was conceived with the aim of creating a harmonious link between the various design workshops housed in the company. One of the most striking elements of this renovation is the reconceptualization of an existing beam that ran through the courtyard. This structural element, once a mere functional support, has been clad and transformed into an aesthetic focal point that contributed to the visual cohesion of the space.

The reinvention of the courtyard not only enhances the functionality of the facility, but also provides an inspiring environment for the creatives working in the courtyard.


An F+P system was used, hydroponic with fertigation, closed irrigation circuit with water recirculation and rainwater harvesting. It has a total area of 35 m2 and is located in the neighborhood of La Paternal.

A special feature of this installation is its location. Since it is horseshoe-shaped, there were sectors facing north, west and south. This generated a great biodiversity of special to install.

The varieties planted were the following:

  • Abutilon grandifolium
  • Azalea japonica
  • Begonia «Cleopatra»
  • Ficus benjamina
  • Ficus japonicus
  • Hemerocallis sp.
  • Iris japonicus
  • Pelargonium hortorum
  • Plectranthus australis
  • Polygala myrtifolia
  • Ruellia brittoniana
  • Salvia leucantha
  • Salvia repens
  • Soleirolia soleirolii
  • Tradescantia pallida
  • Tulbaghia violacea

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