Intempo building,

This preserved plant vertical garden in the exclusive Intempo building in Benidorm has been developed in close collaboration with the architecture and interior design studio + Arte.

The vertical garden has been created using a selection of preserved plants that bring beauty and freshness to interior spaces without the need for constant maintenance. Species selected for this project include flat moss, ball moss, eucalyptus of various species, armaranthus, ferns and palmetto. Each plant has been carefully preserved to maintain its natural appearance and original texture, offering a sustainable and durable solution for plant decoration.

Flat moss and ball moss provide a smooth, uniform base. Eucalyptus trees, with their varied and aromatic foliage, bring dynamism and a sense of freshness to the environment. Armaranthus, known for its vibrant colors and unique shapes, adds an element of contrast and sophistication. The ferns, with their delicate and elegant fronds, along with the robust palmetto, complete the composition.

This vertical garden was cleverly nestled between palisades, creating a robust and visually appealing structure. To achieve a smooth and harmonious transition between the garden and the wall, we filled some of the spaces between the paling with flat moss. This technique not only ensures the aesthetic integration of the vertical garden with the architectural environment, but also enhances the continuity and visual fluidity of the design.

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