International Spanish Language Center of the University of Salamanca

The Vertical Garden installed at the International Spanish Language Center (CIE-USAL), located in the historic Plaza de los Bandos, is an outstanding example of how green architecture can revitalize urban spaces with deep cultural significance.

This building, formerly the headquarters of the Delegation of the Bank of Spain and ceded by the Government in 2016, has been rehabilitated by the Junta de Castilla y León to house this new epicenter for teaching Spanish to foreign students, in addition to serving as a center for the promotion and research of the language.

The vertical garden, located outside the courtyard, not only aesthetically enhances the environment, but also contributes significantly to the sustainability of the building. This type of installation promotes biodiversity, helps regulate indoor temperature and reduces noise and air pollution. The presence of this garden at USAL underscores the University of Salamanca’s commitment to educational and environmental innovation, offering an inspiring space for both learning and research.

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