El jardinet del Pedró, El Raval, Barcelona

The Jardinet del Pedró, located in the dividing wall of the Teatre del Raval, is a 45 m2 vertical garden inaugurated in 2014 that stands out for its self-sufficiency, not needing neither watering nor electricity to be provided externally.

This corner is part of the proposed urban art route in Barcelona.

The choice of the EcoBin system of ceramic cells is due to its location in the historic centre of the city. The materials used are designed to integrate visually with the brick façade of the architectural ensemble of the Raval theatre. Part of the façade serves as an advertising support for the announcement of the theatre’s current plays.

It is a self-sufficient vertical garden, rainwater is collected from the roof of the building at the back of the vertical garden and stored in a tank located at the bottom, behind the area covered by unplanted ceramic cells.

Two solar panels on the terrace of the theatre provide the energy needed to pump the water from the reservoir to the top of the garden and thus keep the ecosystem running.

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