Nirvel cosmetic company,

This landscaping project in the company Nirvel cosmetic, is comprised of a vertical garden on the main facade of the company and a green roof. This work not only beautifies the outdoor space, but also contributes to the creation of a healthier and more motivating work environment.

The vegetation helps to purify the air and regulate the temperature, while the aesthetic design aligns perfectly with the values of beauty and natural care that Nirvel Cosmetic promotes.

The plants

The species that we put in this garden were the following:

  • Tulbaghia violacea: it is a plant that supports favorably the marine climate as well as it adapts easily to extreme temperature conditions. This type of plants can be installed in gardens, ground cover, borders, both in sunny and shady places.
  • Carex everlime: it is a plant with great adaptability that grows in practically all types of soils and in all locations, it resists well to cold and wind. Therefore, it is a plant that can be placed in all types of gardens.
  • Carex everest: it is an easy to grow plant, low maintenance, cold resistant and adapts to different types of soils. It can be placed in full sun or shady areas.
  • Erigeron karvinskianus: it is a plant that adapts perfectly to all types of soils, tolerates both lack of water and overwatering. It can be used as a groundcover, therefore, it is suitable for vertical gardens. It can flower practically all year round.
  • Heuchera dale’s strain: it is a greenish-reddish plant, which is used to bring a touch of color to large groupings of plants for that reason can be placed in vertical gardens. In addition, it tolerates heat, drought and cold.
  • Heuchera melting fire: it is a plant of reddish color and is distinguished by its coral-shaped leaves. Its main feature is that it withstands very cold temperatures, so we selected it for this vertical garden in nirvel cosmetics, because it is a plant suitable for the cold winters of Alcoy.

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