Noise Barried ,

The vegetated sound barriers was a project that was part of the URBAN GreenUP project, funded by the European Horizon 2020 program and led by CARTIF, whose purpose was to reintegrate nature into urban centers through Nature-Based Solutions (NBS).

The vegetated sound barrier, which stretches over eighty meters and is three meters high, not only stands out for its functionality to counteract the effects of noise and pollution, but also brings distinction to the area.

Composed of acoustic panels clad in wood, which serve as sound absorbers, this infrastructure integrates harmoniously with vertical gardens and respects the pre-existing vegetation, reinforcing the commitment to the environment and urban biodiversity.

The impact of the vegetation sound barrier goes beyond its ability to mitigate noise, which according to the latest Valladolid noise map, exceeded 75 dP on this stretch. This implementation offers a tangible response to the needs of the neighbors, providing a quieter environment.

This project in which we have participated as the designer and Toyrsa as the executor not only reflects our technical expertise and our commitment to innovation in urban design, but also demonstrates the power of Nature-Based Solutions to significantly improve the quality of life in our cities.


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