Palace Almirante,

Valencia’s Palacio del Almirante, an architectural jewel with a history dating back to the 14th century, has undergone a restoration project taking into account contemporary needs while keeping its historic character intact.

The Conselleria de Hacienda, in its effort to preserve and at the same time modernize this emblematic building, has exposed to the public an ambitious project of integral rehabilitation.

Among the most outstanding innovations is the creation of a vertical garden of 83.57m². This is not a simple addition, but a declaration of principles; an effort to merge nature with architecture, thus creating a space that dialogues with the past and the present. Strategically positioned to open onto the lobby of the original building, this garden is not only a visual oasis, but also a connecting point between different areas of the palace, some of them publicly accessible and others reserved exclusively for officials.

The design of this vertical garden incorporates an innovative steel structure, meticulously planned to support a diversity of plants selected not only for their beauty, but also for their adaptability and sustainability in an enclosed environment. This structure not only serves an aesthetic and practical function by creating a unique connecting corridor, but also reflects a commitment to sustainability and environmental well-being.

The implementation of this vertical garden in the Admiral’s Palace is, without a doubt, a reflection of how tradition and innovation can converge harmoniously.

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