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In Ontinyent, a 120m2 vertical garden was created in a new square, designed to be a center for relaxation, culture and entertainment. Surrounded by benches ideal for resting and reading, the vertical garden stands majestically, inviting contemplation and enjoyment of a natural environment in the middle of the city.

The adjacent paved area was planned to host cultural events and recreational activities, thus fostering community integration and the well-being of its citizens. This urban oasis not only adorns the environment but also promotes biodiversity and creates a more pleasant microclimate, becoming a vital meeting point for Ontinyent’s social life.

Estado actual del jardín vertical exterior en Valencia

The city council of Ontinyent through the departments of Urbanism, Parks and Gardens, counted on us to carry out the realization of vertical gardening in the following project.
Project of integration of nature and architecture

The nature integration project consisted of a vertical garden that would preside over a new square which would be accompanied by benches designed for rest, reading and a paved area for the creation of spaces for leisure, culture and recreation for citizens.

Jardín vertical en Ontinyent en Valenciaoutdoor vertical garden installed in Onteniente

Installation system

To realize this vertical garden we thought of using the F+P system. This system was installed by implanting a metallic structure with PVC panels on a surface. A textile sheet was added to this structure together with a pipe on the upper part through which the irrigation is distributed throughout the vertical garden. If you visit


The planting of the species was executed in some pockets previously made in the textile sheet in which the plants were introduced mixing their roots in sphagnum.

If you want to see how a planting is done in this type of F+P system we leave you this video that tells you about it:

How to plant in a vertical pocket garden


Regarding the design of the vertical garden, this was the proposal we made and then we carried it out because the city council liked it.

Design proposal

As for the species we selected the following:

  • Cyrtomium falcatum,
  • Thulbalghia blanca,
  • Thulbalghia violacea,
  • Plectranthus colleoides,
  • Heuchera micrantha,
  • Erigeron karvinskianus.

The Heucheras

In this article we would also like to tell you more about Heucheras. Heucheras are herbaceous plants belonging to the family Saxifragaceae. One of the main characteristics of these plants is the great variety of colors in which you can find them. These plants to be so colorful are destined to the realization of decorative compositions, since they can be combined between them or with other species.
In the case of this vertical garden we put Heuchera micrantha, this variety has large purple leaves and can form different clumps and flowering begins in summer.
As for their location, they are considered outdoor plants, it is very important that they receive a lot of light but it is advisable to keep them in sunny and shady areas.

Here you can see different colors of Heucheras:


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