Queen College,
Palma de Mallorca

This educational vertical garden installed at Queen College School in Mallorca, located in the playground area of the children’s playground, is distinguished by its dual function: recreational and pedagogical. Designed specifically to encourage interactive learning, its structure includes an unplanted area at the bottom, reserved exclusively for the young students to conduct their own growing experiments. At the beginning of the school year, watercress and lettuce were planted, and seeds of various species such as broad beans and lentils were introduced in felt pockets, the progress of which will be shared throughout the course.

In addition, this garden allows upperclass chemistry students to explore more advanced scientific aspects, such as conductivity, pH and the composition of essential nutrients for fertigation, including nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and iron. This project not only beautifies the space but also turns the courtyard into a living laboratory, where theory and practice meet to enrich the educational experience for students of all ages.

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