Natural pool Queranto,

In Queranto, Mexico, we have carried out together with the Goma Haus studio a revolutionary project that redefines the experience of enjoying water in a natural and sustainable environment.

The transformation of a traditional pool with chlorine into a natural pool, free of chemicals, marks the beginning of an innovative vision in the region (thanks to the Goma Haus architecture studio)

This project benefits from the rich biodiversity of birds, dragonflies, snails and frogs, making it a true oasis in the middle of a semi-desert environment.

Choosing a custom-made biological filter to purify bathing water is a response to the problem of pollution in rivers and lakes in Mexico, offering a viable and environmentally friendly alternative. Goma Haus highlights the importance of adapting the project to the hot climate of the region, planting local trees that provide shade and coolness, perfectly complementing the natural pool. This space not only offers fresh, clean water without the use of chemicals, but has also become a unique attraction for Queranto, promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

The Queranto natural pool is an exceptional example of how innovation and respect for the natural environment can coexist harmoniously, offering enriching experiences for all its visitors.

Photos provided by the Goma Haus architecture studio

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