Realia tower,

In the entrance hall of the Realia Tower in Madrid, we installed two vertical gardens, each with an approximate area of 29m², located in the north and south areas of the lobby.

For these projects, we used the F+P system. Due to the particularity of the natural stone walls of the building, which could not be drilled without risk of damage, we had to adapt the construction of the vertical gardens.

On this occasion, we opted for a creative and safe solution, anchoring a structure to the roof on which we built the vertical gardens. This modification not only preserved the architectural integrity of the space but also allowed the creation of these vertical gardens without compromising the aesthetics or structure of the site. These gardens not only serve an ornamental function but also enhance the experience for all visitors and workers in the tower.

Jardín sur de la Torre Realia de MadridCurrent state of the south garden

Jardín situado en la zona norte de la Torre Realia Current status of the north garden

The gardens had an area of 29m2, both the one located in the north area and the one in the south area. These gardens were made using the F+P system. When we make this type of system the way to proceed is as follows; when forming the structure is always done with aluminum profiles anchored to the wall, but in this case this procedure could not be carried out, since the wall of the place was composed of a natural stone which could not be drilled because it ran the risk of fragmenting. For this reason we opted to anchor the two structures to the ceiling as you can see in the image:

Realización de la estructura anclada al techoRoof-anchored structure

For the elaboration of this structure our workers needed the help of a basket because they had to work several meters high. First, they made a rectangular structure, which was anchored to the roof, and from there they began to put aluminum profiles vertically to which the PVC boards were attached and then the geotextile and irrigation were placed.

Instalación de los rastreles de aluminio y los paneles de PVCInstallation of the structure

Montaje de la estructura finalizado
Final result of the structure

Both the north and south vertical garden designs were at the request of the Realia Tower clients who gave us the following proposals:

Diseño propuesto para el jardín vertical de la zona norte North wall design

Diseño realizado para el jardín vertical destinado a la zona sur de la torreSouth wall design

The planting was done a little slower than usual, since it had to be done from the crane and therefore the process was delayed. The plants that made up these vertical gardens were the following:

  • Nephrolepis exalta
  • Chlorophytum comosum
  • Capillus veneris
  • Ficus repens
  • Philidendron scandens
  • Monstera deliciosa
  • Begonia rex

Growth process of the vertical gardens in the Realia tower in Madrid.

Here is a comparison of the process of growth and development of the gardens, since we installed them in the Torre Realia until the last visit, which we made on June 4.

November 7, 2019

Periodo de plantación, se puede ver el resultado finalNewly planted

March 13, 2019

Proceso de crecimiento de los jardines verticales en la torre realia de Madrid a fecha de 13 de Marzo del 2019Growing

June 4, 2019

Estado de los jardines verticales en la torre realia de MadridCurrent status

Date September 25, 2020

Jardín vertical torre realia a fecha del 25 de septiembre de 2020


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