Pezseto, plant sculpture in Vigo

A vegetable fish flourishes in Vigo’s Gran Vía: discover the “Pezseto”.

A new tenant has arrived on Vigo’s Gran Vía: the “Pezseto”, a custom-made plant sculpture that stands at the intersection with Nicaragua Street.

Inspired by Jeff Koons’ iconic work “Puppy”, the “Pezseto” becomes a symbol of green sustainability in the heart of the city.

Its metal structure, covered with dozens of natural plants, brings a touch of colour and freshness to this busy stretch of the avenue.

Its location, at the end of the second phase of the mechanical ramps, symbolises Vigo’s commitment to sustainable mobility and the creation of greener and healthier spaces.

A new emblem for the city

The “Pezseto” becomes a new emblem for Vigo, a city that is committed to innovation and the integration of nature into the urban environment.

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