Palacio de Congresos de Vitoria-Gasteiz

The Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council launched a process of enlargement and energy refurbishment of the Europa Conference Centre, built in 1988, to improve the city’s congress and exhibition offer, and at the same time increase its energy efficiency, seeking to set a benchmark for other buildings. With the entire refurbishment, this public building has achieved savings of 70% compared to its initial consumption.

More than a building, an experience: Palacio Europa stands as an icon of sustainable architecture in the centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz, a city renowned for its commitment to the environment.

Its avant-garde design not only offers a modern and attractive aesthetic, but also incorporates the highest standards of energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

The building is distinguished by its spectacular vertical garden, a pioneer in reproducing native ecosystems with more than 33,000 plants.

Certified energy efficiency: The Europa Palace is not only beautiful, but also intelligent. Its design and construction under the Passivhaus standard have earned it prestigious recognition for its energy efficiency, including the certificate awarded by the US Green Building Council. This means that the building consumes 75% less energy than a conventional building, which translates into significant cost savings and a lower environmental impact.


Detailed technical information about the system.

Download documentation here for compliance with the technical code:


    DOCX          PDF      
CONSTRUCTION DETAILS:      DWG              PDF                 



TECHNICAL DOSSIER (Design guidelines):       PDF             


Supply and installation of SingularGreen’s F+P vertical garden, consisting of 100% recycled and recyclable waterproof panel SG-P35, inert substrate SG-L40 with a density of 100kg/m3 fixed with A4 stainless steel screws, planting of 30 units/m2, personalized garden design, and species selection by a SingularGreen technician.

Installation of a watering system consisting of SG-R16 irrigation piping, SG-A24R irrigation centralization with automatic fertilizer dosing, and a GALCON GSI telecontrol and telemetering irrigation system with flow and electrical alerts by email. Includes programming, tuning, and alert monitoring by SingularGreen.

It does not include civil works (hole opening, preparation and filling, trenching for pipes, etc.), zone preparation works (leveling of vertical surfaces, pass-throughs, pavement modification, etc.), space for irrigation centralization (well, cabinet, etc.), upper and lateral finishes, telecontrol, perimeter encounters, connections to service points for water, electricity, and drainage, collection channel, or lifting devices.

The irrigation system should be protected from the weather and unauthorized access to ensure durability and prevent handling by unqualified persons. Water, electricity, and drainage points are assumed to be located near the work zone.

System characteristics

SYSTEM TYPE: Hydroponic, with inert substrate.

LOCATION: Exterior and interior.

MANUFACTURING: Waterproof support panels SG-P35 with mechanically fixed SG-L40 substrate panels.

INSTALLATION: Pre-assembled panels in our facilities, ready to be fixed to the support, install the irrigation system, and plant the selected plant species.

NEEDS: Water point, light point, and water outlet connection to return or drainage.

IRRIGATION TYPE: SG-A24 hydroponic system adapted to the scale of the vertical garden, with the option of recirculating lost water.

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