Conversion of small swimming pool,

In a quiet corner of an urbanization in Muchamiel, our clients found the inspiration to transform a small pond into a mini natural pool. Although they had access to a community pool, they wanted a space to cool off and enjoy the water in the privacy of their own garden. The idea was to make the most of an existing conventional pond by converting it into a bio-pool.

The challenge was daunting due to the limited dimensions of the original pond. The key to success lay in the perfect balance between the swimming area and the regeneration area, where plants and gravels play an essential role. The design needed to be meticulously calculated to ensure that the space was not only sufficient to enjoy a soak, but also to accommodate the natural water filtration and purification system. This balance was crucial; an insufficient number of plants and gravels or overcrowding could compromise the effectiveness of the system.

After careful design and precise execution, the project materialized successfully. Today, the mini natural pool shines as an example of engineering and landscape design.


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