In a coworking in Alicante, we made a vertical garden of preserved plants, composed of lichens and ball and flat moss, carefully designed to cover an area between a decorative vinyl and some colorful wood space dividers.

The vinyl, with an image of an emblematic landscape of Alicante, evokes the natural beauty of the region. The wood, in bright and cheerful tones, brings a touch of dynamism and modernity to the environment. The vertical garden, with its textures and shades of green, integrates perfectly into this ensemble, creating a harmonious and relaxing balance.

The preserved plants, thanks to a special process, maintain their natural appearance for years without the need for watering or special care. This makes them the ideal choice for indoor spaces such as this coworking space, where there is not always adequate time or sunlight for live plants.

In short, this vertical garden of preserved plants is an example of how nature can be integrated into interior spaces in a creative and functional way, providing well-being and improving the quality of life of the people who inhabit them.



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