Hotel Catedral,

At the Hotel Catedral in Granada, a distinctive and ecological element has been incorporated with the installation of a vertical garden. This is no ordinary vertical garden, as it was designed to be located behind a natural stone wall, which gives it a unique particularity and visual integration with the historic surroundings of the hotel.

The plants selected for this garden are adapted to the partial shade provided by the wall.

This green element not only beautifies the guests’ stay, but also improves air quality and provides a space of serenity on the terrace where it is located. The vertical garden has become a prominent feature of the Hotel Catedral.

The vertical garden in Granada consists of 30m2 of F+P system, our system par excellence.

The F+P system consists of a PVC panel wall where several layers of non-woven felt (several materials can be used: polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, PAC, viscose, epiweb) and polypropylene raffia alternatively.

Irrigation is installed in lines between the layers at intervals. The hydroponic solution flows by gravity in the nonwoven to the bottom where it can be recirculated back to the top or discarded.

This vertical garden had a special feature, which was that the garden had to be located behind a natural stone wall as you have seen in the previous image.

In the following images we show you a plan of the garden design:

plano del diseño del jardín vertical en Granada

Process of elaboration of the vertical garden:

First of all, what had to be done was to build the vertical garden just like any other, therefore:

1º They made the structure, with an aluminum profile anchored to the wall. The anchoring of the structure was done with self-drilling zinc-plated screws with hexagonal head and washer.

2º The waterproof layer was then screwed on, consisting of foamed PVC panels, and the installation was completed by sealing the panels with mastic.

3º Installation of the irrigation, the installation of the irrigation pipe was carried out in the upper part of the garden, which has drippers distributed every 15 cm and a flow rate of 0.4l/h. In the lower part of the garden a collection channel was installed to evacuate the water.

4º The vegetal support was installed, the geotextile stapled to the PVC panels. The cuts were made for later planting, but only in the places that were going to be uncovered.

5º For the arrangement of the stone, an aluminum profile was installed a few centimeters away from the vertical garden in order to anchor the natural stone.

6º To finish the garden, the different species were planted in the holes previously left.

Foto del estado actual de jardín vertical en Granada
Estado actual del jardín vertical de Granada

Adding external elements to the garden are always resources that help to beautify our projects even more if possible.
These are proposals that are offered to us and with which we are delighted to work.  


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