Mobile vegetated panels,

In the city of Valladolid, fifteen mobile gardens have been installed throughout the historic center as part of the European UrbanGreenUp project. This program, funded by the European Union, Horizon 2020, seeks to develop, apply and validate a methodology to re-naturalize urban plans. The aim is to mitigate the effects of climate change, improve air quality, manage water and increase the sustainability of our cities through nature-based solutions.

This idea is ideal for open urban spaces with a lack of shaded elements. The areas must be accessible to citizens, located in places with a shortage of green areas and/or responding to citizens’ demand, guaranteeing their access to them. The properties of the Sphagnum system allow a wide range of possible locations within the urban core of Valladolid, as well as a great diversity of solutions depending on the location. These mobile gardens not only beautify the city, but also promote a healthier and more sustainable environment for everyone.

Description of the project

The Sphagnum vegetation panels are composed of two stacked modules, each one with a dimension of 2m long, 1m high and 0,3m thick, with a vertical garden on only one of its two sides. The surface occupied by the vegetation is 2.40m2 adding the two panels together.


This solution based on nature is designed to be combined with other non-technical interventions, such as workshops focused on citizens, to explain in a practical way, how the planting can be done in this system and that they are the ones who do it themselves in some specific picture. Therefore, we believe that it is a good idea to train, inform and raise awareness among citizens so that they learn how necessary vegetation is in our cities.

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