Nando's Putney Kitchen by Fusion DNA, London

The living wall of Nando’s Putney Kitchen in London won the international competition of the Bar and Restaurant Design Awards 2017.

Congratulations also to Fusion DNA, the London architecture studio that trusted us for this adventure.

The garden is in the main dining room of Nand’sPutney Kitchen restaurant in London.

The room where the garden is located is covered by a glass roof that provides the plants with the light they need to live. The plant wall is made with the EcoBin System, consisting of ceramic bottle racks, some natural and others lacquered in green and white. Others are cut at an angle of 30º, which gives the design an irregular and random appearance.

The entire garden is irrigated by a single drip irrigation pipe at the top of the garden. The water is distributed through a non-woven fabric on the back of the racks, the racks are filled with a special substrate that stores the water. This allows the optimisation of the use of water. If you are interested in the construction process you can see it in the pictures of the article we wrote a year ago with all the details.

The ceramic bottle racks and the configuration of the vertical garden are designed to absorb the noise produced by the restaurant’s customers. This dampening effect creates a relaxing space ideal for quiet restaurants.

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