Office musgo bola,

The decorators in charge of the space contacted us with the intention of creating something special. The design we came up with focused on a harmonious and unique blend of ball moss with wooden elements, complemented with subtle touches of rice flower.

The selection of the wood was key; we opted for pieces that simulated the rough, natural texture of tree bark, which, when combined with the intense green of the ball moss, resulted in a perfect visual integration, evoking a piece of nature in the interior and becoming a focal point of the space.


The composition consisted of six pvc boards to which the ball moss was glued with a specialized glue and in turn the woods were screwed. The woods were cut and glued following the design guidelines sent to us by the designers.

What is a preserved plant?

Preserved plants are completely natural species that have gone through a preservation process, which require little maintenance, water or light. To ensure a good preservation we must have a minimum of care, even if they are very durable. Direct sun exposure, excessive contact with humidity and of course avoiding water should be avoided, for these reasons this type of plants are recommended for indoor areas.

Depending on the care given to the plants they can last for years, they do not require any special maintenance, pruning or watering. The only thing that should be done occasionally is to remove the dust that may be deposited on them, either with a soft cloth or if you have an air spray or dryer.

These types of gardens are generally intended for the decoration of spaces such as: homes, offices, stores as they provide a natural touch to the environment without any need for care.

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