Oñate Gynecological Clinic,

In the renovation of the Oñate gynecological clinic in Alicante, we had the opportunity to bring nature to its reception. We took on the challenge of creating a preserved plant garden covering 4.30m² in a space where the pristine white of the walls dominated the environment.

This garden is not just a decorative element; it is a statement of how nature can coexist in harmony within modern, functional spaces, especially in areas where the installation of a natural garden is not feasible due to lack of access to a water supply.

The design incorporated the clinic’s logo, executed in wood and strategically illuminated, so that it would stand out against the green background. This choice added a warm and welcoming element to the reception area. The decision to locate the garden in this specific spot was motivated by the desire to provide a low-maintenance solution that would revitalize the space without the constant need for care.

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