Pikolinos store,

At the Pikolinos store in Alicante, we designed and installed a preserved plant vertical garden created especially to add a natural and green touch to the store environment, without the complication of irrigation systems, since the location did not allow for a natural garden. We opted for a simple and elegant design, focusing on the use of flat moss as a base, complemented with a few plants selected to maintain sobriety and elegance. The preserved plants chosen require no maintenance, which is ideal for the space.

Two vertical gardens of preserved plants, installed in Alicante, in the premises of Pikolinos, an internationally renowned shoe store.

The preserved plant, also called freeze-dried or stabilized, is achieved through an innovative technique in which, roughly speaking, the natural sap of the plants is replaced by a mixture of kerosene, in a process that preserves the natural state of the plants, so that to the touch and sight they are practically identical to live plants.

Characteristics of conserved plant gardens

The most important factors that we have taken into account to use these materials, and why they make them ideal for indoor vertical gardening are the following:

  • Not needing water
  • No need for light
  • They need almost no maintenance
  • Can be created on any surface: horizontal, vertical, curved or straight.
  • They can be installed both on walls and ceilings
  • Has a great adaptability to different shapes, lettering, logos, etc.

In this particular preserved plant garden we have created a green background tapestry, using various types of green mosses, on which we have placed ivy branches (Hedera helix) and papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) to generate movement and volume, as well as details of floral groupings to provide points of light and make the composition in line with the decoration of the store.

Description of the project

On this occasion the work has been of two independent panels, with the purpose of placing in them the sign with the logo of the brand, this shows how flexible can be the conserved plant gardens, being able to undertake with them works that we can not do with the vertical gardens of living plant. This type of conserved plant gardens are ideal for areas with little light, without access to water or electricity, or simply to have a green spot with little or no maintenance, since there is no need to water, fertilize or prune the plants of these green walls.

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