Sculpture of vegetal letters

The Plaza de Zorrilla, the epicentre of social life in Valladolid, was renovated in 2021 with the addition of a unique element: the Valladolid letters.

Located next to the emblematic statue of José Zorrilla, these large letters, made from natural vegetation, not only embellish the space but also contribute to the renaturalisation of the city.

The Valladolid letters are not only a visual attraction, but also form part of the “Urban Green Up” project, an initiative of the City Council to implement nature-based solutions linking different parts of the city.

An ambitious project

“Urban Green Up” aims to improve air quality, reduce noise pollution and create a more pleasant microclimate in the areas where vertical gardens, among other solutions, are located.

A symbol of the city

The letters of Valladolid, together with the natural vegetation, become a symbol of the City Council’s commitment to sustainability and the creation of greener and healthier urban spaces.

Come and discover them and let yourself be enveloped by the natural beauty of Plaza de Zorrilla.

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