Tree Plaza Green Capital,

In Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Green Capital square, we carried out an innovative project that represents a milestone in nature-based solutions, incorporating art and sustainability in the urban environment.

The vertical garden was designed with the purpose of creating a large tree in the building’s party wall located in front of the square. The design of the corten steel branches facilitates access for irrigation and drainage of the containers where the vegetation grows. To realize this garden we used the Eco.frame system, formed by a structure of substrate containers where various vines grow and colonize different types of metal mesh.

This unique approach has allowed the use of 3 different types of metal meshes with different colors and mesh distances, which form the canopy of the tree. The selection of these structures not only serves an aesthetic function, creating a visual diversity that simulates the different tones and textures found in a real tree, but also promotes a diverse habitat for a variety of bird and insect species. This project, more than a landscaping intervention, is a commitment to a harmonious coexistence between the urban and the natural, demonstrating that it is possible to create innovative and sustainable green spaces in the heart of our cities.

The vertical garden of Plaza Green is a work that SingularGreen has done in 2015.

The vertical garden is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, and is part of the integral reform of the Plaza Green Capital.

It has a peculiar feature, almost unique, and is that its design has been made with the aim of creating a large tree in the medianera of the building. The structure that makes up the vertical garden is responsible for this, and, in turn, serves as a support for the necessary conduits for irrigation and drainage.

The building that has been dressed with the vertical garden is a protected building, so it was impossible to anchor the structures to the facade, that is why we had to install a metal supporting structure parallel to the facade. This structure makes the vertical garden independent and self-supporting, allowing to decorate the facade without any kind of damage.

It consists of corten steel structures, as trunks and branches, which have been hung from the supporting structure, and, around them, three types of metal mesh, lacquered in green, brown and yellow, simulating the foliage of the tree.

The vegetation used has been mainly creepers, resistant to the climate of Vitoria-Gasteiz, mainly deciduous, and two species of herbaceous plants.

The vines used are the following:

  • Hedera helix “Gloria Marengo” – Hiedra

  • Humus lupulus – Lúpulo

  • Lonicera periclymenum – Madreselva

  • Partenocissus quinquefolia – Parra virgen

  • Partenocissus tricuspidata – Parra virgen

  • Vitis vinifera atropurpurea – Vid Roja

And as for herbaceous plants

  • Carex gigantea

  • Carex pendula – Espadaña

With these plants it is possible to generate a first impression of green foliage, thanks to the herbaceous, and with the creepers we will achieve, in the medium term, to cover most of the structure with green during almost the whole year, since, except for the ivy, the rest of the creepers are deciduous.

The vertical garden is complemented with the installation of a fertilizing equipment, so that the necessary nutrients can be provided to the plants at the right times and in the right quantities.


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