Mobiliario urbano UrbanBioFilter, Valladolid

More than just an urban element, Urban BioFilter is an innovative solution that combines functionality, aesthetics and sustainability in a single space. Inaugurated in 2021, it became the first urban biofilter bench in Valladolid, paving the way towards a greener and more resilient city.

A space for enjoyment and well-being

The design of Urban BioFilter contemplates a large green area where citizens can sit, relax and enjoy the natural freshness emanating from the vertical garden.

To further enhance this cooling effect, solar-powered fans have been incorporated. These fans are strategically placed to force air circulation, creating a more pleasant microclimate inside the vertical garden. The air that is expelled is of lower temperature and higher quality, contributing to improve the quality of the air in the area.

Since its installation, constant measurements have been carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of Urban BioFilter. The results so far are very positive, showing a significant reduction in temperature and an improvement in air quality in the immediate vicinity of the biofilter.

Urban BioFilter becomes an example to follow for its ability to integrate technological and natural solutions for the benefit of the environment and the quality of life of citizens. An urban oasis that invites you to enjoy fresh air and reconnect with nature in the heart of the city.

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