Weleda company offices,

At Weleda, where the premise is to harness the powers of nature to provide pure skin care, the implementation of a vertical garden in their Madrid offices is a reflection of their core values. This garden not only adorns the space, but also directly incorporates the principle of harmony with nature into the daily work environment. Using vertical farming techniques, it optimizes the use of space and promotes biodiversity.

The vertical garden at Weleda is a living example of how corporate spaces can contribute to well-being and environmental sustainability. It also serves as an inspiration for individuals to consider integrating vertical gardens into their own homes, thus encouraging a greener and more environmentally conscious lifestyle, consistent with the values it promotes with its NaTrue seal.

We made the garden with the mixed F+P system, as we consider it the most suitable for this place because it is a typology that stands out for its speed of assembly, its low weight and its ease of maintenance.

The irrigation system is placed between the layers of the felt, making installation and replacement very quick. The plant species are planted and replaced very easily, without affecting the rest of the garden.

The mixed F+P system consists of a supporting structure of aluminum profiles anchored to the wall. The waterproof layer composed of foamed PVC panels is placed on top of them. The next layer is the plant support, which consists of a sheet of non-woven mineral geotextile with a double membrane that is attached to the surface by means of stainless steel staples and in which cuts are made to allow planting.

The planting of this garden is done with sphagnum substrate in which the clean roots of the plants selected by the Singulargreen team are placed.


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