Preserved plant vertical gardens

The preserved plant is an innovative technique for decorating interiors with all the expressiveness of a natural vertical garden.
All the products we use are natural, preserving the fresh appearance and original beauty of the plants, so the colours and shapes may vary slightly from one production to another, each garden is a unique design.

The conserved plant gardens integrate living vegetation that through a treatment maintains its natural appearance.
It is a versatile system that allows all kinds of designs and possibilities, from the most traditional to projects that combine plants with other decorative elements.
The preserved plant maintains the vivid and bright colours of fresh plants, and does not require any type of maintenance.

The key to keeping them colourfast over time is to place them in an interior space where they do not receive direct sunlight.

Preserved plant works

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Custom Designs

Conserved plant gardens are a great way to integrate nature into all types of interior spaces, as they do not require any maintenance.

  • High adaptability to different shapes
  • Creative solutions
  • Bright and vivid colours

Our DESIGN options for preserved vertical gardens


  • 100% Flat moss
  • 5% Ball moss
  • 5% Lichen
  • 5% Hanging plant


  • Choice of 5% ball moss + 5% lichen.
  • You can choose 10% of either ball moss or lichen.


  • 80% Flat moss
  • 10% Ball moss
  • 10% Lichen
  • 20% hanging plant


  • You can choose 10% ball moss + 10% lichen.
  • You can choose 20% of either ball moss or lichen


  • 70% Flat moss
  • 15% Ball moss
  • 15% Lichen
  • 35% hanging plant


  • Choice of 15% ball moss +15% lichen.
  • You can choose 30% of either ball moss or lichen.


You can include decorative elements, implement logos. You can propose any idea and based on that we will calculate the percentage of plants.

We can also vary certain percentages of the other options.


The most important factors for their incorporation into your interiors are the following:

  • They do not need water.
  • They do not need light.
  • They need hardly any maintenance.
  • They can be created on any surface: horizontal, vertical, curved or straight.
  • They can be installed on walls and ceilings.
  • They are highly adaptable to different shapes, letters, logos, etc.

With preserved plant projects we manage to combine design features and natural-looking finishes.

Our technical team selects the preserved plants that are best suited to your project, to achieve conserved plant gardens that surprise and create green spaces that were previously unthinkable.

It is important to note that we cannot offer a plant guarantee, as we cannot determine how long the plant will last, as it depends on the conditions to which it is exposed over time.


Any doubts or questions about conserved plant vertical gardens?

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