Plant air-conditioning, office in Alicante

At the moment we have installed a plant air conditioning system called SingularAir.

Nowadays the energy consumption is skyrocketing and this brings with it serious problems such as the sick building syndrome. In these places there is a recirculation of the air inside the building with the aim of saving energy, which consequently causes an accumulation of pollutants in the recirculated air. In order to remove this accumulation of pollutants, various air purifiers must be used, but this is costly, as the filters to be used are expensive compared to the use of plants.

This peculiarity makes the plant air conditioner an ideal alternative to other more powerful air conditioning systems.

Vegetable air conditioning is a simple system in which the air is recirculated through a vertical garden, which causes the plants to evapotranspirate a lot. In order to cool itself, the vegetation cools all the air necessary to maintain the room at a suitable temperature. All this cooling is done by adding humidity to the air, which generates a healthy environment.

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