A Green Future Blooms in Cities: The Alliance Between SingularGreen and SkyGarden

Two Companies, One Shared Vision

In a world where asphalt dominates the landscape, two visionary companies come together to green the urban horizon: SingularGreen and SkyGarden.

Both leaders in nature-based solutions, they combine their expertise to transform cities into vibrant and sustainable spaces.

United Kingdom: A Trailblazer in Urban Renaturalization

The United Kingdom, a pioneer in renaturalizing its cities, serves as the ideal backdrop for this groundbreaking partnership. The country’s bold green strategies pave the way for SingularGreen’s innovative vertical gardening solutions, spearheaded by the revolutionary F+P system.

F+P System: The Epitome of Innovation and Sustainability

The F+P system goes beyond mere facade beautification, actively creating healthier microclimates, reducing the carbon footprint, and fostering biodiversity.

Its lightweight design, inert substrate, and optimized features make it the perfect solution for both revitalizing old buildings and integrating seamlessly into new construction projects.

SkyGarden: A Strategic Alliance for Exponential Growth

SkyGarden, renowned for its expertise in green roofs and ecological solutions, will spearhead the F+P system’s introduction to the UK market.

This strategic collaboration not only expands SingularGreen’s reach but also bolsters SkyGarden’s portfolio with high-quality, eco-friendly products.

A Shared Vision for a Greener Tomorrow

This partnership transcends commercial interests, representing a steadfast commitment to a sustainable future.

United by their shared vision, SingularGreen and SkyGarden aim to demonstrate that sustainability and innovation are not only compatible but are key to the well-being of cities and their inhabitants.

Ushering in a New Era of Urban Green Spaces

This joint venture marks a significant step towards creating healthier and more sustainable urban environments.

Envisioning a future where nature flourishes in cities, where every facade breathes life, and where green becomes the defining characteristic of the urban landscape.

SingularGreen and SkyGarden: Building a Greener Future Together

Two companies, one shared vision, a green future.

“The collaboration with SkyGarden allows us to bring our F+P system to a key market like the UK, where the demand for green solutions is growing.”

Jordi Serramia, Architect and CEO, SingularGreen

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